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Mirela Marinescu

Where it begun… Three decades ago, Mirela embarked on a journey to pursue her American dream. She obtained her Esthetician license, established her own skincare enterprise, and committed herself to enhancing the appearance of her clients' skin.

In search of the ideal skincare… Through her persistent efforts, Mirela was able to establish a loyal clientele. In her pursuit of delivering the desired results to her clients, she experimented with various skincare lines. However, the abundance of unused inventory led to overwhelming stockpiles on her shelves.

The new kids on the block… With the emergence of new trends in the skincare industry, research revealed that the revolutionary and results-oriented products were incorporating AHAs, BHAs, and Retinoids. These products made a significant impact on improving the skin of her clients. However, two critical necessities, moisturizers and protectors, were missing from these products.

Karina Skincare is born… Undertaking a bold venture, Mirela began the creation of her own skincare line. Her formulations were designed to be results-driven, combining science-based technology and natural ingredients to create the ultimate skincare products.


She devoted herself to meticulously developing the line and bestowed it with the name of her daughter, Karina, for good luck.

Since 1998… With the emergence of new ingredients like Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid in the skincare market, Mirela cleverly incorporated them into fresh formulations of her unique products. She relentlessly pursued a results-oriented approach, emphasizing the needs of dry, oily and sensitive skin with every update to the unique system.

Today! It gives us immense pride to announce that the Karina Skincare Line is now fully developed and consistently evolving. Suitable to dry, oily and sensitive skin, our comprehensive skincare solution delivers visible results and promotes healthy skin.

What’s our WHY? Our brand aims to bring joy and confidence to women, while also inspiring to embrace their natural beauty and age gracefully. We believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and our brand's mission is to help them achieve that.


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