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Brenda R.

I love Karina’s Skin Care products, and for years have used H2O moisturizer for aging skin and Herbal Toner for all skin types. I’ve been so pleased, I had my husband try the moisturizer and now he’s loving it too! There is integrity with the Karina Skin Care products and they are priced well for the value. Brenda R.

Meghan B.

My skin has always been a bit of a challenge to maintain. It is a combination between dry and oily and finding the right moisturizer was a battle for many years until I came across AC &E moisturizer by Karina Skin Care. It was literally life changing. Meghan B.

Kim T.

I've been using for many years this skin care line and I absolutely love the Gentle Cleanser, the AC&E Cream, and the Eye & Lip Moisturizer. Kim T.

Vickie S.

Skin care maintenance is very important to me. I have been using Karina Skin Care for several years and have been extremely satisfied with the results. I will be 65 soon and I get compliments on my skin from many. I highly recommend the Karina Skin Care products. Vickie S.

I love the Karina Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 15 as it goes on smoothly even under makeup. Also I love the Karina Moisturizer SPF 30 more the summer months and looking forward to trying out other Karina Skin Care products. Chelsey B.

I absolutely love Karina Skin Care products. I use the Gentle Cleanser everyday and it makes my skin feel so soft and clean. Also it lasts for such a long time that it really is a great value. Bridgitte M.

I used Karina Daily Moisturizer with sp15. My skin is protected and feels softer. At night I use the Glycolic Moisturizer, which I love, because it really works. It tightens my skin, and hydrates it at the same time. Love those two skin care products. Judy M.

Karlene V.

I didn't realize how great these products work until I stopped using them for a month. Wow, what a difference in my mature skin condition. Bad break outs everyday, red irritated skin, white heads all over my chin and cheek areas, I recently went back on the products and already have noticed a big improvement in my skin. Thank heavens for Karina Skin Care products. Karlene V.

Nancy M.

I'm a loyal customer for 18 years! Karina Skin Care products have always been my favorite. It's an easy system to use, but very effective. 1. Clean and tone. 2. Exfoliate 3. Hydrate and 4. Protect. Nancy M.

Anna R.

I had a chance to try the Splash product which I absolutely love. There is something to be said about peptides and hyaluronic acid ! It is not only refreshing but your face glows with other skin regimen!I bought another bottle just before I left but will be sure to order some more when I ran out. Anna R.

Joanna L.

I LOVE the Karina Face and Body Moisturizer! It's very effective with an SPF of 30 as well as having a very fresh and lovely fragrance. It's lightweight and perfect for daytime use. Joanna L.

Marcee M.

The Karina Glycolic Hand and Foot Moisturizer is amazing! My Pedicurist is astounded how well my feet look between pedicures and I am thrilled at how well it keeps my cuticles in order. I am never without one jar and one to spare! Marcee M.

Mary A.

I have been using Karina's skin care products since their inception close to 20 years ago. I have not wavered on my routine of exclusively using Karina's skin care products because 1) they work to give me the best possible skin care without harsh additives, perfumes, and unwanted chemicals, 2) the price points are affordable, 3) the products range to suit the many needs of different skin types and aging processes. Mary A.